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通风管道是工业与民用建筑的通风与空调工程用金属或非金属管道,是为了使空气畅通,降低有害气体浓度的一种市政基础设施。 通风管道大部门都是由风管加工设备制成。但是由于各种各样的原因,可能导致加工出来的风管有问题,下面就来了解一下都有哪些问题。

Ventilation pipe is a kind of metal or nonmetal pipe used in ventilation and air conditioning engineering of industrial and civil buildings, which is a municipal infrastructure to make the air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. Most of the ventilation pipes are made of air pipe processing equipment. However, due to a variety of reasons, there may be problems with the processed air duct. Let's find out what the problems are.


1、 Substandard processing materials


A performance: uneven surface, uneven thickness, obvious indentation, crack, sand hole, scar and corrosion, etc; The plane of the air duct sinks, and the side of the air duct protrudes outwards with obvious deformation.


B effect: the air duct leaks during operation, the air conditioning load increases, and the service life and performance of the air duct are affected.


C reason: the material is unqualified, which can not meet the needs of the production of air duct.


D measures: before using the air duct processing equipment to make the air duct, the factory certificate, material quality certificate and appearance thickness of the material should be checked to ensure that the material is available.



2、 The warping angle and elbow angle of air duct are not accurate


A performance: two relative planes and two end planes of rectangular duct are not parallel; The angle is not straight; The diagonals are not equal; The bite is not tight.


B influence: it will cause uneven force on the air duct connection, uneven air duct after installation, loose flange gasket, air leakage in the system, resulting in air conditioning load loss and shortening service life.


C reason: inaccurate setting out of plate cutting; The air ducts are parallel, and the length and width of the sheet metal on the opposite side are not equal.


D measures: when unfolding and blanking, the angle of sheet metal shall be strictly square, and the length, width and diagonal of each sheet metal shall be inspected, so as to control their deviation within the allowable range; After blanking, the two sheets on the opposite side of the air duct shall be overlapped to check the dimensional accuracy.


Therefore, in order to make the air duct practical, durable and high quality, we must make sufficient preparation before and after the operation of the air duct processing equipment, so as to ensure the safety and reduce unnecessary losses.


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