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Ventilation pipe is a kind of metal or nonmetal pipe used in ventilation and air conditioning engineering of industrial and civil buildings. It is a kind of municipal basic equipment to make the air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases


1. First of all, the drawing should be stopped according to the ventilation duct of a certain floor of a certain system, and the interface position should be indicated



2. In the design of ventilation duct, the numbering shall be stopped and the numbering shall start from the starting point. The starting point is the common interface position, and the same section specification and length section shall be the same number. In addition, the numbering shall be carried out according to the order, so as to organize the manufacturing construction


3. The position of supports and hangers, the distance between supports and hangers, and all material specifications shall comply with the specifications and process rules


4. In the design of ventilation duct, elbow and reducing should be considered to meet the requirements of concentric elbow and reducing length


5. The position of starting end and elbow, the position of reducing diameter, the position of pipeline axis and the elevation of pipe bottom shall be marked in the design of ventilation pipe.


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