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With people's life getting better and better, the appeal about the living environment and working environment is also getting higher and higher. Ventilation pipes will be installed inside buildings, and the use of ventilation pipe processing should pay attention to maintenance. The ventilation pipe is very important to our life, the maintenance of the ventilation pipe is done well, so as to ensure the safety of use and better operation.


1. The operation should strictly follow the operation rules, control the process indexes, and eliminate the over temperature and over pressure operation;

2、检修或局部改换通风管道时,避免错用或不合理代用而降低管道的极 限应力;

2. When the ventilation pipe is repaired or partially replaced, it should be avoided to reduce the limit stress of the pipe due to misuse or unreasonable substitution;


3. The ventilation pipe system should be equipped with safety relief device according to the rules, and it should be sensitive and easy to use;


4. The ventilation duct processing should be stopped by qualified design units and conform to the rules of design specifications;



5. Effective measures should be taken to prevent the corrosion of air and medium to ventilation pipes;


6. The pre service inspection and acceptance should be suspended before the ventilation pipe installation project is put into use, and the key links such as pipe structure, material, welding, heat treatment and pressure test should conform to the rules;


7. Due to large area corrosion, thickness thinning and strength weakening of ventilation pipes which are not used for a long time and are poorly maintained, full face inspection shall be carried out according to the rules before they are put into use again.


The above is the daily maintenance of ventilation pipe processing should do these 7 points, I hope the above content to help you, if you want to know more about this information, please feel free to contact Shandong ventilation pipe   .


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