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In our daily life, we call ordinary iron parts "black iron" and galvanized iron sheet "white iron". The black-and-white iron processing plant will take you to know the metal material of white iron sheet. This paper mainly introduces white iron, what is white iron, what are its advantages, and its uses.


What is the white iron sheet in black and white iron processing!


Tin is widely used in daily life. It is a metal material with long service life. White iron sheet commonly known as galvanized sheet, the full name should be "continuous galvanized sheet". There are two types: flat plate and waveform. It is mainly composed of iron and zinc alloys with strong ductility. Specifically, after pickling and hot galvanizing, the steel plate is coated with a zinc protective layer with a thickness of more than 0.02mm.



Advantages of using white iron sheet: because the electrode potential of zinc is lower than that of iron, its chemical properties are relatively active, not easy to rust and corrosion resistance. The ZnO film can quickly form a ZnO film in air. The zinc oxide film is very dense, which can protect zinc and steel plate from corrosion. Even if the zinc coating is removed, the iron is protected by the oxidation of zinc, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel plate. After the container is made of galvanized sheet, there is no need for surface anti-corrosion treatment. However, zinc is easy to dissolve in acid or alkali and react with sulfide, so it is not suitable for packaging of acid, alkali or sulfide.


Sheet iron is a kind of sheet iron coil widely used in industry and manufacturing, which is often called sheet iron in people's daily life. This kind of container has high strength and good sealing performance, and is widely used in manufacturing metal packaging containers. In particular, barrel making is an ideal material, so it is used to make all kinds of steel barrels for packaging industrial products.


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