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Ventilation duct is usually used in indoor ventilation system, and its installation is usually carried out in high altitude area. Slight negligence can easily lead to personal safety accidents. So how to ensure safety in the installation process? Here is a brief introduction.


The installation site shall be demarcated and safety signs shall be set to prohibit non operators from entering. The personnel entering the construction site shall wear protective equipment, and the cuffs, waist and legs of the work clothes shall be tightened. When working, use safety ladders above and below the pipe.



During the construction, the working platform or scaffold should be built at a high place, and the connection between each node of the working platform and the scaffold should be firm and reliable. The width of the working platform shall meet the requirements of construction safety, and the laying of pedals in the platform shall be sufficient and stable.


During use, the working platform and scaffold shall be inspected at any time. In case of deformation or displacement, safety measures shall be taken and confirmed in time. Generally speaking, the exhaust fan system and air conditioning system should be installed after the construction of building envelope is completed, the obstacles are removed and the ground is free of debris.


Electrical safety shall be paid attention to in the installation of ventilation pipes, and the distribution box and distribution box shall be rainproof, dustproof, anti management and anti use. Wiring and disassembly shall be operated by electricians, and non-technical personnel shall not conduct wiring and other power distribution operations.


Through the above contents, we must strictly implement various safety technical measures, establish and improve various rules and regulations, and strictly supervise the implementation of ventilation pipes in the installation process.


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