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Due to the corrosive or dangerous nature of ventilation, design engineers require stainless steel ventilation pipes in laboratories and research facilities. Stainless steel ducts are also required where certain corrosive substances usually pass at special temperatures.



Stainless steel has high durability and long life, which is one of its cost saving benefits: it can resist the corrosion of harsh substances such as salt used in food processing, and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, so that it can be used for a long time, thus saving costs without replacement. In addition, stainless steel has higher strength and wear resistance than aluminum. Its rigidity makes it an ideal choice for moving large amounts of air.


The welding process of stainless steel air duct is an important part in the production process, whether it is to remove odor, exhaust ventilation or heat / smoke exhaust.


Its stainless steel pipe joints are well trained in corrosion resistance and filler metal preparation to ensure proper quality of the welding process.


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